Landscape Photo: Imazu Bay Fukuoka Japan

Finally, a sunset. It's been raining so much on and off these last three weeks but last night it finally cleared up for a bit. So my wife and I took some bikes down to the beach just in time to get this shot. 

We never realized Fukuoka could be so beautiful. The water was so clear and the air was crisp.

I'll probably head back there again tonight.

The Shot – Imazu Bay

This was two exposure, one for the foreground one for the sky. Masked together in photoshop, with some contrast and color correction added.

I tried a few HDR looks using Photomatix but just couldn't get it looking believable which is always the challenge with HDR Photography.

Shot with the Sony A7r and the Samyang 14mm lens. See my Samyang 14mm lens review here. Great lens if you're looking for an affordable ultrawide.

ISO 50, F22, 1/5 seconds. 


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