Last Day In Newark

There is something about the iPhone 5s that I really like. I think it's really good at getting the white balance right. Something I feel my 5Dmkii never does. Also, I really like its picture profile. It really pulls in some interesting colors. I usually shoot neutral on my Canon, since I don't like any of their picture profiles, then I end up using Adobe Standard typically unless I go with a film look with the VSCO presets. But I really like the default look of the iPhone. It usually doesn't need a whole lot of working with to get it to look great. I'll post more photos of New York City soon. I'm going back to Las Vegas and Utah tomorrow.

For this photo I actually used some of my custom presets that I might one day sell. We'll see. 🙂

iPhone 5s Last Day in Newark

iPhone 5s Last Day in Newark


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