Los Angeles Skyline

It's kind of strange, I'm from San Diego and Orange County and actually like Los Angeles. I've lived in San Diego for probably eight years and I've lived in Orange Country for somewhere around thirteen years. Growing up in Southern California you kind of learn to hate L.A. The traffic sucks, getting there sucks, there are a lot of gangs, homeless people and crazy people pretty much everywhere. But now, after living here for over six years I've actually come to like it.

Although I do miss the surfing and the laid back lifestyle of San Diego and I miss nothing about Orange County, but there is just something about Los Angeles. It's just kind of cool and fun. Living here also holds some of the best times of my life. Maybe it's because 99% of the people that live here have a dream and want to do something with their lives. Even though 98% of them think they will be actors or actresses and work full time at restaurants which I will never fully understand. But still, it's kind of motivating.

Today's HDR Photo – Los Angeles Skyline

The Los Angeles Skyline in HDR.


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