Macpro refresh – The Good and the Bad

The Macpro finally got a refresh. Sorta. The good news is motion graphics artists and compositors still get to use macs. The bad news is the refresh only updated the processor. Apple clearly did not have their A team involved in this update.

New features:

The dual processor model has the Intel Xeon E5645 chips updated.

Baseline graphics card is the Radeon HD 5770

And that’s pretty much all that was updated.


Here is what’s missing:

Sata II not updated to Sata III meaning you can’t take full advantage of the new solid state drives.

No USB 3

No Thunderbolt

No Blueray

No High end graphics cards.


The worst news of all is the base model for the dual processors starts at $3,800. However, all these missing features and high prices could be due to Intel year after year increasing the prices of their server chips. If that’s the case this makes sense.  Not to mention it’s been two years since the last update, so inflation could have an effect on the price as well.

There are rumors floating around that Apple is going to the give MacPro a proper refresh later next year. Tim Cook said “Our pro customers are really important to us..don’t worry as we’re working on something really great for later next year.” He could just be saying this in response to all the flak Apples been receiving from professionals after the FCPX debacle. If Apple loses the professionals, they lose a lot of what made them cool and this tech world today is driven hard by reputation and fads.



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