Miyajidake Shrine – Fukuoka Japan

Some more of my street photography from southern Japan. I didn't shoot a whole lot down in the southern part of the island but I did feel like this location was worthy of a post. 

The Miyajidake Shrine is one of those places I consider to be an almost hidden gem. Southern Japan is like that, there are so many amazing places but because they aren't part of the tourist pack track through Kyoto and Tokyo, they're almost completely overlooked. Another that comes to mind is the Yutoku Inari Shrine which you can see here from a few years ago when I was there.

Miyajidake Shrine – Fukuoka Japan

This shot I took with the Sony A7r and the Canon 16-35mm Lens. I find that when I shoot street photography I really like to go wide. 24mm and 35mm are my favorites. I think 24mm is about what the iPhone shoots which is right on point. Although I know some people prefer 50mm since they won't have to get as close to their subject. Which I can understand. 

For processing I just used some of my good ol presets to give it that old film look. A style that I really love which ironically is the complete opposite of what you'd see form your typical fine art landscape / hdr photographer. But expect to see some more stuff like this from me because I like it. And I'm getting that Fuji X100T when it blesses us with it presence. 

The Miyajidake Shrine of Fukuoka is what I feel to be another one of Japan's hidden Gem that shouldn't be overlooked when traveling to the south. A very cool location for photography and culture.


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