Miyajima Market

Needless to say, it’s a very photogenic place. This photo is of the small traditional Japanese Market that’s close to where the boat is that drops you off. It’s an awesome little spot to get some nice photos that have that Traditional Japanese feel.

Now I’m calling this an HDR photo even though it’s a single shot Raw. But I tonemapped it which pulls up the shadows and brings down the highlights. Since this is what people are referring to as HDR. When HDR really should only be applied to images that truly have a massive range of dynamic light. Most do not and the term HDR gets pinned on images that are tonemapped.

Today’s HDR Photo

Miyajima MarketMiyajima is a smile island off the coast of Hiroshima. The island is almost entirely a spiritual place where you see a mix of Buddhist and Shinto Temples and Shrines. But the island also has a small market place filled with cool authentic traditional Japanese shops.See more at https://alikgriffin.com


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