Monte Carlo Fountain – Las Vegas

I've been MIA a few days but I'm back! Posting from hotels is a pain. Today I'm out in Williams Arizona and the Internet here is at least usable. Last night I was in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo. You'd think I'd have internet there but it wasn't working. Anyway.

This photo is from the fountain in front of the Monte Carlo. I went out and took a few photos while I was grabbing an overpriced only decent Mexican dinner at Diablo's. I didn't get a chance to give the city a full photography run like I wanted which is a bummer. I was feeling sick and wanted to make sure to get some rest before going to the Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Canyon. I've been to Las Vegas 258,000 times so I'll just have to take some more cool photos of the city next time I'm there. 

This photo I used a slightly different treatment than what I usually do. I used a process in Photomatix called Exposure Fusion. It was the only way really to get all these colors and exposures to really line up with each other. Tonemapping sort of created some nasty artifacts and grain in the sky as well as in the highlights. I just couldn't get it to look right without the bad HDR glowing look. I'm pretty happy with this exposure fusion method though. I made a preset and will definitely be playing with it some more, especially with Night HDR where the sky is usually black. I really like the unusual look it gave to this photo. Kind of looks like a painting. 

Monte Carlo Fountain, Las Vegas


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