Monument Valley With The iPhone 5s

This was my first time to this epic spot. This whole area is one of the most amazing places on earth. Everything is huge, you end up feeling so small. 

When we came here we really ahd no plans. I had no idea what to expect. I couldn't find much information on this place so we just kind of played it was we went. Turns out there is this 17 mile drive on this bumpy dirt road. It was a lot of fun, but dust and dirt got everywhere. I could even still taste it two days later when turning on the AC.

This is another iPhone 5s shot. I'm starting to really like this camera as my snap shot camera. I was thinking about getting the next Sony A7r full frame camera that will be 36mp. But now I'm kind of thinking of just going all the way with Medium Format, and I can use this little iPhone as my daily cam. So I would use my Medium Format for my big landscapes and the iPhone for everything else. I'm still thinking about this though. It's a big decision since medium format cameras are not cheap. 

iPhone 5s – Monument Valley

iPhone 5s - Monument Valley


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