New Rokinon 100mm f2.8 Announced

Rokinon 100mm F2.8 Macro Lens

The new Rokinon 100mm f2.8 Macro lens has been announced.

The lens is a full frame 100mm lens which will give you a (35 equiv) 150mm on APS-C and 200mm with M43.

I’ve updated my lens pages. Right now they’re available for pre-order at Amazon, Adorama and B&H. I don’t list B&H because I’m not affiliated with them.

I don’t really think it’s a great deal for APS-C and MFT shooters, at the current listing price. So be sure to check the lens list for your camera and see all the options. 

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Main Product Details

Available for Canon EF, Nikon AE, Pentax K, Fuji X, Samsung NX, MFT, and Sony A, and Sony E.
Minimum Aperture f32 Max f2.8
Nine-blade aperture


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