Nikon, Canon And Sony To Release 50Mpx Cameras Soon

Canon 50 megapixel Camera

All the rumors sites are lighting up like Christmas trees. New 50Mpx cameras from the big three are just around the corner. The big three being Canon, Nikon and Sony.

I know Canon has been working on a 50Mpx camera for many moons now. They were having issues with battery life last I remember. You know Canon, if the battery doesn’t last two weeks it’s not perfect enough. I believe this mentality has likely contributed to Canon “falling behind” in the recent years. Sony seems to takes the shotgun approach spamming the market with everything to see what sticks (they’ll fix it in the next version) and Nikon builds these little engineering marvels that are truly amazing in their own right. 

I’ll be posting a lot on this topic as I gather more information. The Pros and Cons of such a system are actually very interesting and should be considered before investing into one of these beasts.

I have that Tamron 15-30mm ultra-wide lens pre ordered and I’ll likely pick up the Sony A7rII when it’s announced / shipped. This year is going to be fun. Expect to see lots of nerding out from me. That’s my resolution this year. . . to upgrade my resolution.

I’m also going to hire an editor soon to help me out with the site. It’s getting to big for my own britches. And I’m planning another trip to Japan.


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