Osaka Street Photography

Osaka Running ManThis would be from Day 6 of my Japan picture taking adventures. This time it was all about food. Not a whole ton of great Japan style photos in this one. Tons of food which I'll do a post on later to show you that there is more than just sushi in Japan.

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Osaka Japan

Osaka was a really really cool city. It has a very old traditional feel. It's also the dirtiest city I've been to so far, kind of feels like Japan's Tijuana. But it's still really cool.

The Decorated Street Of Osaka

The streets and shops are not lacking in looks that's for sure.

Everything screams "look at me," that almost reminds me of Las Vegas or Shanghai in a way.

It might, just might be one of my favorite cities of Japan so far, just because of the old culture and traditional feel that's everywhere. 

Previously it was Hiroshima, mainly because of the amazing okonomiyaki and Miyajima island.

Osaka Street Photography - Lanterns

Osaka Street Photography - decorations

The Osaka Games

Only in Osaka can you still find these old style games that nobody plays anymore. Like Go, or Igo, and Smart Ball. 

The Old Farts

The old dudes play Go, reminds me of the old farts you would see playing chess in a park or something. They've even managed to attract a crowd watching through the window. 

Old People playing Igo or Go

Smart Ball

Smart Ball is this old game that predates Pachinko. I think only in Osaka can you still find people playing it. 

Master of Smart Ball

Then I had to give it a try. I did pretty good. More fun than a slot machine that's for sure.

Playing Smart Ball In Osaka Japan

Get Your Haircut Here

This is more terrifying than appealing. Not sure why anyone would go into this place and get a haircut. Almost looks like a haunted house decoration.

Osaka Barber Shop

Woman Making Takoyaki

Takoyaki is like this batter ball with octopus in the middle and a sauce on top. More of a snack than a meal. 

The Takoyaki in Osaka is pretty good. I usually don't like it, but what I got here was great. 

Photo Of A Woman Making Takoyaki In Osaka Japan

I've been trying to do a bit more Japan street photography with the Sony A7r. It's just such a fun camera to use. Problem is, the weather has been so bad these last few days and I didn't bring enough cloths. We all end up being rather miserable walking around and I am just too uncomfortable to take pictures. It's like winter over here.

Day 7 and 8 have been a bit warmer and I've been able to get some more Japan style landscape pictures. More temples and cherry blossoms. I'll be posting those tomorrow. 


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