Philip Bloom’s In-Depth Panasonic GH4 Video Review

Philip Bloom has shared a very detailed, in-depth review of the video features of this little Panasonic GH4. A camera that has always captured our attention with its video quality and affordability.

GH4 Quick Highlights

There camera shoots 4k video with it's 16mp micro 4/3 sensor at an ultra high bitrate of 200mbps. Which is huge, the Sony A7s only shoots at a bitrate of 50mbps.

It allows for a clean 10-bit HDMI Output

There camera is very popular among Indi filmmakers since it's so inexpensive, and micro 43 lenses are very easy to come by. However, compared to some of the larger DSLR video cameras, it does lack a little in low ISO performance, and people do prefer larger sensors to get that very shallow depth of field.

The best part about it, the camera is only around $1,600. 

Philip Bloom's Panasonic GH4 Video Review


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