Photos Of Photographers Taking Photos At The Imperial Palace

Our last morning in Kyoto we headed over to the Imperial Place. It was flooded with people so I decided instead of taking photos of the palace like everyone else was doing, I'd take photos of the photographers taking photos around the palace. It was a lot more fun.

Photographers Taking Photos At The Imperial Palace

The most interesting part of this exercise was seeing what kind of cameras, phones and tablets everyone was shooting with. I saw very few DSLR's and almost no mirrorless cameras, but also there was almost nobody younger than 50. That tells me old people are into smart phones and compact camera photography just the same as the younger generation.

The Flip Phone Shooter

Saw a bunch of flip phone shooters. It was surprising. I didn't even think people still used flip phones let alone took photos with them. 

Flip Phone Photographer

The Video Camera Shooter

Not sure if he was shooting video or stills. Maybe videos but he seemed a little too all over the place for video. One thing's for sure, that camera is a classic.

Old Video Camera Photographer

This Guys Got The Shot

A Nikon DSLR shooter. Maybe 15% of the people shooting that day were on DSLRs.

Nikon Photographer in Japan

The Leica Shooter

I didn't get to see his camera up close. But definitely a Leica. Probably film from the looks of it. 

Leica Photographer In Japan

The Compact Sensei

Didn't catch the camera but it was a cool shot. 

Compact Camera Sensei

Another Compact Or Smart Phone Master

Smart Phone Photographer

Above The Crowd

This guys shot probably turned out pretty cool. Looks like a little compact.

Compact Camera Photographer In Japan

One of the really cool things about Japan and visiting the temples and palaces is the amount of photographers that are everyone. People love taking pictures and the variety of cameras is so unique. I'm still not seeing a lot of mirrorless cameras and only have seen two Sony A7s or A7rs my entire trip.

One of the A7's I saw was accompanied by a woman dual wielding with a 1Dx on her other sling. I was thinking. "What do you need that for, you've got the A7." 🙂


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