Rainy Day At The Kintai-Kyo Bridge

It was a Rainy Day at the Kintai-Kyo Bridge in Japan. In this original photo you could actually scale in and see the individual rain drops. I thought that was pretty cool. But the original was also very grey and flat from the rain and grey skies. I liked the feel of the photo and really wanted to create a vibe that just wasn't there. 

If you've noticed I've been using textures a little bit more. I've found they really help in bringing to life old photos that where never 'good enough' as simple landscapes or fine art photos. With texture you get to use the photo as a base layer and really turn it into a unique work of art. Well, textures and a ton of color work. 🙂

This photo was actually two different textures combined. First time I've done that in a photo before. Be sure to check out Sirius-sdz on Deviant Art. Great resource for textures. And check out the Retro Collection Lightroom Presets to help give you quick and unique looks to start with. I use them on almost every photo. 

Today's Photo – Rainy Day At The Kintai Kyo Bridge

Rainy Day At The Kintai-Kyo Bridge. It was a rainy day at the Kintai-Kyo Bridge. Cool location and I really wanted to create a vibe other than rainy grey day. So I used various textures to give color and detail.


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