Road To Mono Lake – Sony A7rII

Road To Mono Lake

Sony A7rII / Sony 16-35mm f4 – ISO 100, f5, (4s, 15s, 30s)

It might seem like I’ve been shooting a lot with Fujifilm, but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on my Sony A7rII.

I actually still love my Sony, but because of the larger sensor with a ton of megapixels and larger files sizes, it’s become my special occasions camera. Mainly my landscape photography camera and it especially shines after the sun has set when you’re on the edge of complete darkness. Like with this shot.

There was only a sliver of light and it seemed the colors were all but gone. But after a thirty second exposure, the colors just exploded. And that’s where the Sony A7rII out shines any other camera out there.


Behind The Shot

I always like to stay at location until there is absolutely no more light and I need a flashlight to get around. I usually don’t wait around long enough for the stars to fully come out unless I’m shooting the Milky Way, but I always like to leave somewhere in-between. What’s a shame is Mono Lake is a playground for landscape photographers and every single one of them left before the sky got the most interesting.

For the camera settings I had to go to f5 because I wasn’t prepared to shoot longer than thirty second exposures. I kept the camera set to RAW and it was compressed, or lossless. Like with the X-Pro 2, I just can’t see the difference of going uncompressed, especially when I’m bracketing my shots like this.

Before sending the shots to Photomatix, I set the camera profile in Lightroom to Vivid instead of Adobe Standard. This seems to help a lot with landscape photography on the Sony A7rII.

This shot is actually three different exposures and I needed all of them. I had a thirty second exposure for the foreground and two other exposures for the sky that I all combined together in Photomatix. Then it took quite a bit of Photoshop work to get it to have this sort of dream feel I wanted.

The lens I used was the Sony 16-35mm f4. You can see my review here. It’s probably the best, or at least my favorite lens I’ve ever owned for any camera. I just love the thing.


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