Samsung Galaxy NX – Android OS, Lenses and 4G, oh my!

Samsung Galaxy NX – The New Smart Camera I’ll Call It

This right here is the future of cameras. The Samsung Galaxy NX uses Android OS, so you get all the bells and whistles of Android plus 3G and 4G LTE. Now you can sync you photos directly to Dropbox or other services. That’s pretty awesome.

I’ve always wondered what takes these companies so long to make this stuff? For years as I’ve walk around taking photos of friends and family, always wonder why doesn’t Canon, Nikon or even Apple build a camera with built in 3G? I actually discard my Canon too often in favor of my iPhone for this very reason. It’s just a hassle to take some photos of friends or my rabbit, transfer them to my computer, import them into Lightroom, export them for the web, then upload them. I want an option on my camera that can do quick filters, and upload to the web. Is that so hard Canon? or Nikon?

Well Samsung has done it. You know now Apple will probably do it. There has been rumors for awhile about some sort of iCamera, but it’s never come to fruition. Now of course if Apple does make something like the Samsung Galaxy NX, all the Android fanboys will lose their shit saying Apple copied them. But in the end, we all win. Hopefully we see some sort of 4G witih the new Sony Nex-7N. It will be kind of mind blowing that these big camera companies continue to release mirrorless cameras without completely overhauling or designing some sort of OS that allows for apps and some internet connectivity. After all, have you seen the menu system going on in the 5Dmkiii? It’s out of control.

Although this all sounds great, I’m sure there are tons of downsides. The major one I can think of is Battery Life. My phone barely lasts a day, sitting there doing nothing but staying connected to 3G. But my Canon will last for months in standby. Another annoying feature is you’ll have to boot up your camera, and shut it down. This can really ruin those spur of the moment situations when you see Big Foot and need to get a quick shot.

This Samsung Galaxy NX definitely has my attention. I can’t wait to get my hands on one and test it out. Now Samsung needs to just start making good lenses.


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