Santa Barbara Pier, The View

This is an HDR photo from on the Santa Barbara Pier. I love these little telescopes you have to pay to use. I'm not really sure what you would be looking at with this one. I guess you could get a close up of people eating at the restaurant.

An interesting thing kept happening to me this night. It actually happens to me every night when I'm taking photos where there is a potential for people to be around. I'll set up my camera pointing in a direction free of people to take some HDR night photos. This type of photography takes awhile because some of the shots in the sequence are 10-30 seconds long. And every time I finish getting my shot all set up and ready to go, people magically appear out of no where. Then the next thing I know, they are standing in my shot directly in front of me taking photos or just hanging out. Then when I give up and leave, they leave too. So I have to sneak back to finish my shot. So bizarre. Must be one of those human nature things. "Oh look! A photographer with a fancy camera is doing something. It must be special over there, lets go stand in front of him."

The reason I say this when posting this photo is because right as I got finished setting up, a crowd of people decided to hang out right next to me causing the floor boards to move which would make my camera shake. They didn't even use the fancy coin operated telescope thingy. Maybe my body just radiates with charisma and when I show up people just can't stay away. 🙂

Anyway, enjoy the photo. 

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