Stealth Building, Culver City – Sony A7r II

The other night I went down to Hayden Ave in Culver city to shoot a couple of cool buildings for some lens reviews and found this building. I think it’s called the Stealth Building. One of Eric Owens Moss’ designs. The whole street is actually filled with cool architecture like this, making it a really nice place to do architectural photography.

The bright light peaking over the left side of the building is actually the Moon. One night before the supermoon, so it was a little brighter than usual.


Stealth Building – Culver City – Sony A7r II

I originally I was shooting with the Sony 15-35mm lens since I’m working on a review for it, but the little stars that lens puts out isn’t really attractive so I made the switch to the Voigtlander 15mm Heliar III. Probably my favorite lens right now. 

This was one of the last shots I took of the night and is a single exposure. I think it was around F9 but I’m not positive because it’s an all manual lens and doesn’t give me EXIF data.

For color correction, I only used Lightroom. Just some basic corrections.

Stealth Building down Hayden Ave in Culver City

Location: Hayden Ave, Culver City
Camera: Sony A7r II
Lens: Voigtlander 15mm f4.5 Heliar III
ISO 100, f9, 30sec


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