That’s a lot of Sand – Mesquite Dunes of Death Valley

Death Valley is probably the closest place you can go to feeling like you're on an alien planet. It's no wonder they film practically every sci fi movie in this area. Well, back in the day. Now they just do it all in some giant green screen studio.

I'm actually having a really hard time writing meaningful post right now. My found out she can watch Netflix on my Xbox. You know what that means. GLEE!

The Mesquite Dunes in Death Valley

Mesquite Dunes of Death Valley Another shot of the amazing multicolored dunes in Death Valley. These are the mesquite dunes. Everyone always asks me if it was hot when I was there. It was hot, but not that hot. It was probably mid to upper 80's in this particular spot. It was warm and I made sure to bring gatorade. March was a good time to go. Check out to see more of my adventures


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