The Rock Fields Of Fukuoka Japan

Up at the top of one of the mountains in Fukuoka where the trees stop are these rock fields. It's one of the more strange places I've seen around Japan and it really doesn't feel like you're in Japan when you're up here. It's dead quiet except a few birds here and there and almost feels like you're in Iceland or somewhere more exotic. 

You'll see these rocks on the way to the secret cave which runs probably directly beneath these fields.  A very cool place to visit and another place relatively untouched by Photographers that's just as cool as so many places in the US that are shot to death. One of these days I should do a workshop tour through Japan to take photographers from the US on an epic adventure.

The Photo – The Rock Garden

Shot with the Sony A7r & Canon 16-35.

I've been going a little extreme with Photoshop these last few days. I've been trying out the new Nik software collection.

For this photo I used, Lightroom to start the look, then in Photoshop I used the Nik software and ran it through Viveza 2 to warm it up and Color Efex Pro where I used some Lens Vignetting, Glamour Glow and Pro Contrast. Then back in Photoshop I did a bunch more tweaks with some masks, and lighting with the Underline Layer trick. 

Field of Rocks in Fukuoka Japan


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