The Shrine And New Presets In The Works!

In an effort to sort of restructure my life and webpage, I’ll be moving a lot of my day to day posts over to SLRHQ. I’m keeping this site mainly about photos that I care about and my professional career. Which means a lot less posting and a restructured front page.

Since the last photo I did of San Clemente Life took me about 5 hours of post processing. Doing that kind of work is very time consuming and takes me about a week to complete one image with my schedule. I’ll still post some fun stuff here and there from travel. My goal is still a few a week, but my daily posts about cameras, tips, rumors, will be on that site.

So here is an old photo of mine, I applied some new presets to make look old. I’ve been working on this collection of Lightroom Presets that give this faded look. I’ve been having a ton of fun with them. I’ll probably sell them over at SLRHQ soon. As soon as I recover from food poisoning and get a few days off. Which means three weeks from now. 🙂 Unless I get enough requests, then I’ll sell them sooner.

I’ve also updated my review of the Samyang 14mm f2.8 with some added photos from Marco Herman. So go check those out.

The Shrine

I’m not 100% on the story of this, but this is a relationship shrine. Go worship it and watch your relationships blossom! It’s found in southern Japan, a bit south of Fukuoka.


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