The Sony A7 Just Got Better With New Zeiss Loxia Lenses

Carl Zeiss recently just announced their new Sony E Mount primes the Zeiss Loxia 35mm and 50mm lenses.

Now I can't understand everything this guys saying in the video, but the lenses look pretty awesome. There is nothing better than all metal anything. Reminds me of the toys I grew up with in the 80's. Remember those old transformers, how they were all made of metal? Now everything is made of cheap plastic.

The Sony Zeiss Deal

Sony was smart by working out an arrangement with Zeiss. From what I understand, the Zeiss lenses from Sony are not actually made by Zeiss. Sony just uses their lens configurations, the Zeiss quality control and logo. Although this seems like a bad thing, it's really not because the lenses also get a Sony price tag. But we'll really have to wait another year to really see how they hold up and how people are liking them.

All Manual Not For Everyone

I know that an all manual lens isn't really for everyone, and it definitely has its place. Like in Video. But also slower paced photographers like street, landscape and HDR photographers can probably find a place for lenses like these in their bag.

I shoot a lot with the Samyang 14mm f2.8 all manual lens have have only loved it. But it fits my style, HDR and Landscape photography and have never once wished it was a auto lens.


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