The Sony A7r and Aerial Drone Photography?

Turns out my brother has this sweet little drone. We were messing around with it this weekend with the GoPro and a gimbal and it should be strong enough to hold a Sony A7r. Just working on waiting for or discovering an affordable gimbal. (A Gimbal is a little mount for the camera that stabilizes it.) When that happens we're going to have a lot of fun.

He currently uses for work to shoot video / photos of custom landscapes for rich peoples homes. Might be fun to get some Sony A7r landscape shots from 200 feet as well. We'll know soon!

Some more photos with the Sony A7r from this weekend!

Loving the image quality of the Sony A7r with that 35mm Zeiss lens the more I use it. This of Nils flying the GoPro with his drone. I didn't get any good shots of the drone, but it's a good one. Not big one with 8 propellers but the bigger one with 4.

You can see a rare glimpse of how we have to cope with those harsh California winters.


More Sony A7r shots with the Zeiss Sonnar 35mm


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