Two Harbors Gas Station For Boats

On the dock at Two Harbors Catalina I found this cool little gas station just for boats. Never seen one this well kept and clean. When I was on the dock I got a chance to talk to a few boats owners. Found out some cool things. One guy had a sail boat. He said it takes him 5 hours to get from the main land to Catalina. Another guy in a big fishing boat said it takes him an hour. I guess the sale boats go really slow. Imagine sailing around the world in one. 

I at first tried doing some HDR but there were just to many things moving around me. The dock was moving, boats in the background were moving, the water was moving. It just created a ghostly mess. So this shot is just a one shot Raw.

To achieve this look I processed the photo using several tricks. I first used Lightroom 4 to adjusted general brightness contrast to get the range of colors I wanted. Tonemapped it using photomatix. I duplicated it then converted the photo to black and white and did several more color adjustments. I then brought the black and white photo and the colored duplicate into Photoshop. On the colored photo I used the selective color tool on the red which made a selection of only the red. Used that mask to copy only the red parts and pasted it over my black and white photo. Then used a curve and blending layers to get it looking right. I brought the new photo back into Lightroom where I did my final adjustments. 

Two Harbors Catalina Gas Station for Boats


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