View of Hiroshima CIty

This is a view of Hiroshima City from the top of the Mitsui Garden Hotel I was staying at. This is my second time to Hiroshima now and I really like it. It seems a bit more mellow than some of the other bigger cities and there is a lot to do all around this area. Plus the food here is amazing. They're known for it's Oysters and Okonomiyaki which are like this pancake type dish with noodles. They have more than 2,000 restaurants that serve this in this city. 

This photo is an HDR photo taken through the glass window of the restaurant at the Hotel. It's on something like the 25th floor. Nothing to fancy about this photo. Just used one of my Photomatix Presets and some color and Lightroom 4 with final touch ups and sharpening in Photoshop. 


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