Vinhus of Solvang

For the first time I'm nearly out of photos to post on my blog. Usually I can go on photography adventures on the weekends which will provide me with enough photos to last me the whole week. I can't shoot during the week since I work full time and don't get off until it's dark. This weekend I wasn't able to go out since I wasn't feeling good and let a friend borrow my camera. It's going to be an interesting week. I'm thinking I might post some of my iPhone pictures and start a category for that since I have a ton of great ones from my travels this last year. I do have a few more photos of Solvang I can post though.

This one is of Vinhus. This is how most of this town looks. A small Danish town just outside of Santa Barbara. A pretty amazing place to visit that looks nothing like anything else in Southern California. It's like a way to escape the country without actually leaving. The weather still feels like California in the summer though. It was 100 degrees outside when I was there. Brutal.

Vinhus of Solvang, HDR photogoraphy


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