Watching the sunset at the Oceanside Pier

Was in San Diego this weekend and while driving back north the clouds where doing something interesting. I had just enough time to swing by the Oceanside Pier. I was worried because down in Del Mar the marine layer was moving in on the coast. As I got off on Mission and was driving towards the beach I noticed the sky was pretty clear, just a little haze and the sun was huge. I got just enough time to get down to the beach and shoot this shot of a few kids watching the sunset. This was probably my third setup.

They say right as the sun is about to go over the horizon the last very tip will turn green. It didn't do it this night and I've never seen it in all the hundreds of nights I've been out surfing during the sunset. But, the other night when I was shooting in Hermosa I saw it. I think the sky needs to be very clear for it to happen but when it does it's cool. Next time you see a sunset see if pops green right before it goes down. 

California Oceanside Pier Sunset in HDR


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