Which way is North?

The Santa Barbara Pier is filled with all sorts of cool little things to take photos of. This is of a compass that's painted on the deck. I only get to go to Santa Barbara a few times a year, maybe twice. Hopefully I can go back again soon. This place has some amazing beach photography potential that I feel I've barely touched. Next time I go I want to spend a little time in the town. I stayed their last year and the year before but wasn't into photography as I am now. I've only really started taking it seriously these last three or four months. And in this short amount of time, posting almost daily to my blog or my Google+ I've suddenly started getting all these little job opportunities for photography. The only bummer is I work full time now so the only chance I have is on the weekends. Having too much work is good thing I guess. We'll see what comes of all of it.

Santa Barbara Pier HDR Compass


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