Yosemite Half Dome

Took this photograph of Half Dome in Yosemite this weekend. I'll have more later throughout the month as I process them.

Weather was on and off this time, acting like it was wanting to rain and the sun kept peeking in and out behind clouds. You'd have a few minute window to get some awesome photos in some places then the cloud would roll in killing your nice light. I notice at Yosemite the sun kind of disappears behinds some mountains at around 4 or 5. So there isn't much Golden Hour photography you can do from within the canyon.

This was my first time there and really no photograph can capture the size of this place and how small you feel in comparison to everything else. I'll hopefully come back at some point soon and do some actual hiking / photography and spend a few days doing it right. Never realized it but this place is only like a 6 hour drive from Los Angeles. Very cool.


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