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A Complete List Of Fujifilm Lenses | X-Mount

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A complete guide to every native Fujifilm lens. Including 3rd party lenses as well as all the cheap Chinese lenses.

Iridient vs Lightroom – Fuji Film Simulators

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Iridient vs Lightroom RAW Camera Profile Comparison

To expand on the comparison between RAW and JPEG with the Fuji film simulators, I put together a test that also compares how the Fuji Film Simulators in Lightroom differ from those of Iridient Developer.

Since we already can see that Iridient is a step ahead in terms of overall image quality from the Iridient vs Lightroom Detail Comparison, it should be interesting to see how the color profiles compare as well.

Iridient Developer vs Lightroom – A Detailed Comparison

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If you’re a Fuji shooter you may have heard of this RAW converter called Iridient Developer. If you haven’t, it’s definitely something worth checking out.

I’ve been using Iridient for the last few months with my Fuji X100T and have been so blow away by the difference it makes when converting my Fuji RAW files, that I decided to do a detailed comparison between Iridient and Lightroom to show you just how much better it can be at processing Fuji X-Trans files.

And the results turned out a lot better than I was expecting.