Fujifilm G Lenses – The Ultimate List

The Complete Fujifilm G-Mount Lens List

A list of every G-Mount lens available from Fujifilm and third-party lens manufacturers that work for the Fujifilm GFX 50s. Currently there are no third-party G-Mount lenses.

There are also many full frame lenses that can work on the GFX 50s. You will get vignetting but it’s nothing a little crop can’t fix. For this I’ve posted some adapters that can be useful to adapt vintage lenses.

There are a few adapters still on the way that will work sort of as the opposite of speed boosters, so they will have a built-in element that will allow full frame lenses to fill the surface area of this medium format sensor. I’ll list those when they are available.



Fujifilm G-Mount Lens Guide

Currently there aren’t too many lenses available for the GFX 50s, but Fujifilm has done a great job on covering the range most people will need for a camera of this class.

When picking lenses for the medium format Fujifilm system you take into consideration the crop factor of the larger sensor.

With the current GFX 50s sensor the crop factor is about .8, technically 0.79. I’ll list the 35mm equivalent lengths along with the lenses so you don’t have to think about it.


Fujifilm / Fujinon GF Prime Lenses

Lens Name35mm EquivFilter ThreadsOrder
 GF 23mm f4 LM WR18mmØ82mmB&H
GF 45mm f2.836mmØ72mmB&H
GF 63mm f2.8 R WR50mmØ62mmB&H
GF 80mm f1.463mm2018
GF 110mm f2 LM WR87mmØ77mmB&H
GF 120mm f4 R LM OIS WR Macro95mmØ72mmB&H
GF 240mm f4 R LM OIS WR197.5mmØ82mmB&H


Fujifilm GF Zoom Lenses

Lens Name35mm EquivFilter ThreadsOrder
 GF 32-64mm f4 R LM WR 25-51mmØ77mmB&H


Fujifilm GF Tele Converters

GF 1.4x TC WR Tele ConverterB&H


Fujifilm Lens Codes

GF – Fuji’s G series lens mount, for the GFX cameras. Not to be confused with the Nikon G-Mount. They are not the same.

OIS – Optical Image Stabilization.

R – Stands for ring. It means the lens is equipped with an aperture ring.

WR – Weather Resistant.

LM – Linear Motor, rapid movement and silent focus.

APD – Stands for Apodization. Will produce even fall-off on your out of focus highlights. Makes better Bokeh.



A List Of G-Mount Cameras

Currently there is only one GF camera from Fujifilm but there will likely be more.

  • Fujifilm GFX 50sB&H



Best UV Filters For The G-Mount Lenses

With such expensive lenses it makes sensor to have a few UV filters for when you’re out in the field and the weather is questionable. 

Personally I prefer B+W and have always found their quality to be superior.

There are a few different types of B+W UV filters, multi-coated, nano coated, then 010, and 007.

010 vs 007

This has to do with thickness. The 007 are a little thinner overall and a bit lighter. 


Multi-Coated vs Nano Coated

Just different coatings that make some small marginal insignificant difference on some chart somewhere, but having used both lenses for years, the main difference I’ve noticed is the Nano Coated lenses don’t get dirty as easier, and are easier to clean. It’s worth it in my opinion.


62mm Filter Threads

  • B+W 62mm UV XS-Pro Multi Resistant Nano Coating (010M) – Amazon
  • B+W 62mm UV XS-Pro Multi Resistant Nano Coating (007M) – Amazon

72mm Filter Threads

  • B+W 72mm UV XS-Pro Multi Resistant Nano Coating (010M) – Amazon
  • B+W 72mm UV XS-Pro Multi Resistant Nano Coating (007M) – Amazon

77mm Filter Threads

  • B+W 77mm UV XS-Pro Multi Resistant Nano Coating (010M) – Amazon
  • B+W 77mm UV XS-Pro Multi Resistant Nano Coating (007M)- Amazon

82mm Filter Threads

  • B+W 82mm UV Filter XS-Pro Multi Resistant Nano Coating (010M) – Amazon
  • B+W 82mm UV Filter XS-Pro Multi Resistant Nano Coating (007M) – Amazon



Adapting Lenses To The Fujifilm GFX 50s

There are some vintage lenses out there that can be adapted to the new Fujifilm G Mount. For those looking to experiment with different focal lengths, this might be a more interesting way to do it.

There are some adapters from LAOWA coming that will work sort of as the opposite of speed boosters, so you can adapt your full frame lenses without the vignetting. I believe they will work for Canon and Nikon lenses.

H-Mount to G-Mount Adapter 
Fujifilm H-mount to G-mount AdapterAmazon
Minolta MD to G-Mount Adapter 
Fotodiox SR MD MC to G-Mount AdapterAmazon
Minolta AF (Sony A-Mount) to G-Mount AdapterAmazon
Hasselblad V-Mount to G-Mount Adapter 
Fotodiox Hasselblad to G-MountAmazon
Fotasy Hasselblad to G-MountAmazon
Kipon Hasselblad to G-MountAmazon
Pixco Hasselblad to G-MountAmazon



Fujifilm G-Mount Lens List | Conclusions

As new lenses and adapters rollout, I’ll continue to update this list. It looks a little sparse right now but over the years this list should mature nicely considering the popularity of the GFX camera system.

If you’ve found anything cool and useful that you think should be on this list, leave me some feedback and I’ll update.