Accessory Reviews

Must Have Accessories Canon EOS R

This is a list of all the best accessories for the Canon EOS R.

The Canon EOS R is an incredible mirrorless camera that should end up being fairly customizable with third-party accessories once more are announced.

Use this list to find the best screen protectors, best batteries, straps and cleaning gear for your Canon EOS R.

Must Have Accessories Fujifilm X-T100

A compiled list of all the best and most useful accessories for the Fujifilm XT100. Use this guide to find the best batteries, memory cards, screen protectors and camera flashes for your Fujifilm X-T100.

Sony A7r III Vertical Grip Review

The vertical battery grip for the Sony A7r III provides up to 4x more power than the single battery of the previous Sony A7r II by powering the camera with two new FZ100 batteries. It’s built of a rigid magnesium weather sealed body with cheap plastic components and spongy buttons and dials. So is it worth the price?

Fuji X100F Lensmate Thumb Grip Review

The Lensmate thumb grip is a great accessories for the Fujifilm X100F that provides extra grip and support for the camera. It gives your thumb a place to sit and allows the camera to sit more securely in the hand which improves camera stability, comfort and ergonomics. 

Fujifilm X100F Lens Hood Review – JJC LH-JX100 II

The Fujifilm X100F, or any of the X100 series of cameras, is one of the best cameras out there to customize with different accessories. This allows people to really build a camera unique to their taste of fashion or style of shooting. 

Lens hoods are a popular accessory for the X100f and there is a new one that got released around the same time as the X100F. That’s the JJCLC-JX100 II.

Fujifilm X-T2 Battery Grip Review – A Must Have

I finally bit the bullet and got the Fujifilm X-T2 battery grip. I’ve been putting it off because I just wasn’t sure if I would really take advantage of all the extra features it offered – long story short, I bought it and it’s awesome.