Iridient vs Lightroom – Fuji Film Simulators

To expand on the comparison between RAW and JPEG with the Fuji film simulators, I put together a test that also compares how the Fuji Film Simulators in Lightroom differ from those of Iridient Developer.

Since we already can see that Iridient is a step ahead in terms of overall image quality from the Iridient vs Lightroom Detail Comparison, it should be interesting to see how the color profiles compare as well.

Something to keep in mind, the camera simulations in Lightroom and Iridient are not actually built by the camera manufacturers. They are built for the software to mimic the looks of the JPEG camera profiles you see in camera as close as possible. The developer over at Iridient even continues to update and tune his. So I used the latest at the time of this post, v3.3.

The image was shot with the Fuji X100T in RAW ISO 250, f4.0 with a 1/60sec shutter.


Lightroom Vs. Iridient – Camera Profiles


I tried to keep the images subject matter to something relatable but that also had a good blend of colors and tones.


Standard Profile

The default software profiles. Adobe Default, and Fuji X100T Default

IR - Default
IR – Default

LR - Adobe Standard
LR – Default



IR - Provia
IR – Provia

LR - Provia
LR – Provia



IR - Velvia
IR – Velvia

LR - Velvia
LR – Velvia



IR - Astia
IR – Astia

LR - Astia
LR – Astia


Classic Chrome

IR - Classic Chrome
IR – Classic Chrome

LR - Classic Chrome
LR – Classic Chrome


Pro Neg Hi

IR - Pro Neg Hi
IR – ProNegHi

LR - Pro Neg Hi
LR – ProNegHi


Pro Neg Std

IR - Pro Neg Std
IR – ProNegStd

LR - Pro Neg Std
LR – ProNegStd


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