How HDR Works In The New Lightroom

With the release of the new Lightroom CC 2015 or Lightroom 6, we can now photo merge our HDRs without leaving the software.

The technique it uses is actually a little different than any other program I’ve used before.


Here’s how it works

First you select all the photos you’d like to merge. Right click, select Photo Merge then HDR.

Then this window comes up.

HDR In Lightroom

That’s it. No other options. Click merge and then what you get is really cool. A new, merged DNG file. You can still adjust all the color temperatures, or even change your lens setting or color profile. Very cool.


You’re basically getting a new single image that has the all the data from the other images added in, without any crazy tonemapping. 

From there you process like normal.  You can stay completely in Lightroom like I did with this photo, or move on to other applications.

I really think it was a smart of going about it. Adobe dun good!


HDR In Lightroom At The Santa Monica Pier

Three shot HDR taken with the Fuji X100T. They were shot JPEG with the Velvia color profile.

HDR Photo merged and processed all in Lightroom.

HDR Processed in Lightroom 6.


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