Walt Disney Concert Hall

Designed by Frank Gehry the Walt Disney Concert hall was built in 1999 in downtown Los Angeles. I actually never knew this was downtown, I always assumed it was by Disneyland. So last night during Christmas my wife and I drove over there and got a few photos. You don’t want to typically go downtown during a regular work day. Especially if you live on the westside. Traffic sucks and parking is expensive.

The fun part was we accidently drove through the outer edges of Skid Row on our way out. It’s sad how many homeless people live in Los Angeles now days.

The HDR Method

For this photo I used an HDR method turned down to a modest level. I’ve really started taking more time on my photos to get them them right. Meaning, it’s really best to use third party programs like Topaz Denoise before tonemapping your image. This takes an extra ten minutes or so and adds an extra 300MB of files to my drive, but gives you amazing results. Then I’ll send those three shots to photomatix and do my usually workflow. 


Walt Disney Concert Hall – Canon 5Dmkii

The Walt Disney Concert HallThis is probably the coolest building in Los Angeles. It was designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry in 1991 and construction began in 1999.I went out to shoot this location in HDR. I was really hoping it would rain to get nice slick reflections on the ground but the opposite happened. The weather cleared up giving me nice skies which I'm also happy with.


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