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Industar 50mm f3.5 Review | A Fantastic Lens . . . Sometimes

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I’ve recently acquired a new addiction to vintage lenses after have too much fun shooting with some Leica M mount lenses and some old M42 mount lenses.

One of the more interesting vintage lenses is the Russian made M42 mount Industar 50mm f3.5 pancake lens.

The Industar has won lots of praise over the decades and people really seem to love it.

So is the lens good?

Best Memory Cards For The Sony A99 II

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To find the best memory cards for the Sony A99 II, we’ve tested all the most popular cards in this memory card speed test.

Although the Sony A99 II features Sony’s most advance camera technology in one camera it lacks one thing, memory card performance. To compensate, they’ve packed in a massive 2+ GB buffer allowing you to take up to 25 Uncompressed RAW shots in a single burst and have eliminated the nasty Sony memory card bottleneck that is found in so many of their cameras.

Must Have Accessories For The Canon G7X II

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A list of the best lens hoods, screen protectors, cases, straps and more for the Canon G7X II.

These are the accessories I use on most of my cameras that also work great for the G7X Mark II plus a lot more.

Fujifilm X100F – A Real World Review

The X100F is Fujifilm’s new masterpiece and the fourth addition to the famous x100 line of cameras. The X100F seems to have taken the biggest step forward of any of the X100 camera upgrades with a new 24MP sensor and new battery for improved life and performance. Not only that but the X100F is also a autofocusing beast.

It’s what I consider the most versatile fixed lens camera money can buy and a street photographers dream come true.

Sony A6300 – One Last Hurrah

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I decided to sell my Sony A6300, but before I could let it go, I had to take it out one final Voyage. So I adapted my 1980s Helios 44M and headed to the long beach aquarium with my family.

Best Memory Cards For The Pentax K-1

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See the best performing memory cards in this speed test comparing all the most popular memory cards with the Pentax K-1.

Best Memory Cards For The Fujifilm X100F

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We’ve tested all the most popular SD memory cards, both UHS-II and UHS-I, in the X100F to determine which cards perform the best.

While the camera doesn’t support UHS-II, it still writes to memory cards fairly quickly.

Best Accessories For The Fujifilm X100F

  20.01.2017   Alik   Accessories   8 Comments

The X100F is finally here so I thought I would get started on an accessories page. I have this camera pre-ordered and will be updating this page with that I learn about the new camera.

New Fujifilm X100F, XT20, GFX and XF50mm F2WR

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A few new cameras have just been announced by Fujifilm. The Fujifilm X100F and XT20 which now have the updated sensor, same as the XT2. They also announced their GFX medium format camera.

They also just announced the XF50mm f2. Seems interesting and it’s priced at a great place.

Best Memory Cards For The Panasonic FZ2500

  9.01.2017   Alik   Memory Cards   2 Comments

A speed comparison between the most popular UHS-I and UHS-II cards in the Panasonic FZ2500. Use this guide to find the fastest memory cards for your FZ2500.