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Kipon IBELUX 40mm f0.85 Mark II Review & Sample Photos

Without a doubt the Kipon IBELUX 40mm f0.85 is one of the most interesting lenses for APS-C shooters to date. This is currently the brightest lens on the market as well as the fastest. For APS-C shooters that miss the depth of field and low light performance of full frame cameras, you’ll find all that here. A 35mm equivalency would give you something like a 60mm at f1.2.

Handevision 50mm f2.4 Review & Sample Photos

The Handevision IBERIT 50mm f2.4 is a full frame mirrorless lens designed to function as a light weight and compact prime. The IBERIT is constructed with an aluminum barrel, a copper core and stainless steel components. Although the lens isn’t that fast, the 6 elements in 6 groups produces a very beautiful image with a ton of pop and a very classic style of rendering with a lot of great character.

Strange Pixels In The Fujifilm X-T3 EVF and LCD

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I reported in my Fuji X-T3 review strange pixels appearing in the LCD and EVF. Now with some comments I’m seeing other people are having the same issue.

You won’t see this issue if you’re just casually shooting with autofocus lenses and you won’t see it and indoor lighting conditions or in low light.

To simulate this issue, you will have to be looking at the 100% cropped in view of the LCD or EVF and you need to point the camera into bright light, or if there is very bright colors like a blue sky. Blue skies are actually the best way to see these strange pixels in the Fujifilm X-T3.

Fujifilm X-T3 Review & Sample Photos

For the last few years, APS-C digital photography has been battling the war of relevancy, trying to find its place in photography among enthusiast and professionals. Some people love APS-C, for others, it’s just not good enough.

In this Fujifilm X-T3 review, I’ll be going over a few things you don’t see most people or reviews talking about. I won’t dive to deep into the nitty-gritty of the specs, rather we’ll take an in depth look at what X-T3 is really all about; the user interface, how you can customize camera output and the experience of using it, with some beautiful specs sprinkled on top of course.

Best Memory Cards DJI Mavic 2 Pro / Zoom

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An actual in-camera speed test between all the most popular micro SD memory cards to compare how each performs in the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom.

Use this guide to find the best memory cards for your Mavic 2.

Depth of Field Calculator | With 35mm Equivalency

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The depth of field calculator allows you to find the depth of field of any aperture of any lens at any distance. The depth of field calculator also includes a 35mm equivalency calculation so you can see equivalent lens crop and depth of a given aperture on smaller or larger sensor cameras compared to full frame 35mm. 

Must Have Accessories Fujifilm X-T3

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The Fujifilm X-T3 is now available for order and it looks like it launched with quite a few accessories. This a list of all the best accessories for the X-T3 updated as more come of course. As always I’ll go though, try out anything new and do individual reviews to find which accessories and gear are the best for the Fujifilm X-T3.

Fujifilm X-T3 Announced | Great Price and Specs!

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The moment has arrived. The Fujifilm X-T3 is officially announced!

I want to say this is Fujifilm’s flagship camera but it’s actually not. This is their photography centric camera with incredible video specs, shooting 4k video at 60fps with 10-bit 4:2:0 internal recording and 4:2:2 external recording with a 400Mbps codec. That pretty much just killed GH5s and marks X-T3 as the best mirrorless hybrid camera for video.

Did Canon Just Win? 3 Reasons Why I Think So!

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As the mirrorless Armageddon comes to a head, it looks like Canon just dropped the most advanced camera we’ve ever seen. Period. Undeniable. I’m talking about the Camera itself, not the engine inside which still has plenty of horsepower.

It might not be a spec god, but the camera is unlike anything we’ve ever seen from anyone. It really is doing so many things I love and is taking advantage of technology that you would expect to see in a Playstation controller or a Nintendo Switch or something.

Let me share a few things I think are incredible. Then I’ll point out the obvious bad things that are triggering people.

Canon EOS R | Full Frame Mirrorless Specs, Looks Cool

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The Canon EOS R specs are out. If you weren’t satisfied with the screeching and raging of the Youtubers and bloggers with the Nikon Z cameras, you’re really going to love this one. 

Single SD card slot, not even UHS-II, no IBIS, no joystick.

Why does Canon do this? Why can’t anybody seem to compete with Sony?

I’ll tell you why.