Beneath The Windmill – Solvang California

My wife with her umbrella in front of a windmill in Solvang. There is some interesting history in this town. Founded by a few Danes who wanted to preserve the traditions of Denmark. Many of the buildings were built in the same style and to the same standards from Denmark. It really feels like your in a place not in the U.S.

For this shot I used the Sony A7r with the Zeiss 35mm lens. Processed with Lightroom and Photoshop. Nothing major, just added a little extra color and contrast with a bit of softening where needed. I had a version going with a bit more Photoshop tweaking, but it crashed on me and I didn't feel like redoing all the work. 🙂 You know how it goes.

Gearing Up For Phase One's Capture One

I also did a version of this in Capture One as well. It's a software developed by Phase One to work with their medium format camera systems. I've heard one of the engineers left them years ago and join Adobe to start Lightroom. But that could just be a rumor.

From my first experiences using the demo, I have to say, Capture One is really what it's cracked up to be. The colors felt deeper and a bit richer and skin tones were a lot nicer with the default color profile. I'm still using Lightroom for now since the workflow is 300% better but I'll definitely consider making the switch soon. At least one some photos I plan on printing. 

I might start doing some comparisons between Capture One and Lightroom. I noticed most people do side by sides but this is a completely inaccurate way of comparing the software since they load different color profiles, and both programs have multiple color profiles you can choose from, so what are they trying to prove? One default color profile is better than another?

What I did notice immediately is that Capture One did slightly better with detail. Not enough of a difference to see on a web photo, but when making prints I could see it making a very very slight difference. 

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Beneath The Windmill – Yumiko In Solvang Shot With The Sony A7r

I love this camera too much. It really changed the way I do photography completely. It's just so much easier to get good shots compared to my 5Dmkii. I think because I use it like a point and shoot and I can see the frame better. I hated looking through the eye piece of my previous DSLRs all the time.

Yumiko at Solvang in front of a windmill.


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