Dansk Bangeri of Solvang

My wife and I adventured to Solvang California again this last weekend for a little getaway trip. I thought it was such a cool town last time I was there but never end up with any great photos. So I went back for a day with that goal in mind.

You can see my other Solvang photography here.

On this trip I was really focused on getting a few good shots I could actually use as wall art, since believe it or not, I've had several requests from people asking. It's actually really hard to get great shots of this place. It's just not laid out in a photography friendly way. Too many cars and people. But I found out a secret, everything closes around 6-8. So after that, the streets are pretty empty, meaning I got the town all to myself. 🙂 I thought the town would be awesome for some areal drone photography but I've yet to invest in the gear. Soon though.

For the next few days I'll do post a bunch of photography of Solvang, and when I get some time this weekend I'll do a full write up of how cool this little town is. So get ready!

Night Photography of Solvang – Dansk Bangeri Kafe og Conditori

Bakery of Solvang


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