Fujifilm G Lenses – The Ultimate List

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A list of every G-Mount lens available from Fujifilm and third-party lens manufacturers that work for the Fujifilm GFX 50s.

Every Sony E-Mount APS-C Lens You Can Buy

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Sony APS-C E-Mount Guide

This list features all APS-C E-Mount lenses that are readily available. This means it won’t be including those random lenses you might see flow through ebay. This list also features only APS-C E-Mount designed lenses. To see the Full Frame E-Mount lenses see my Full Frame Sony E-Mount Lens List.

The Ultimate Micro 4/3 Lens List

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Probably the most popular lens format is with the Micro 4/3 system. There are so many great lenses for these cameras that the only way to not make my brain explode was to create an organized list of all the MFT M43 lenses I’ve been able to find with their 35mm equivalent field of view and filter thread sizes.

A Complete List Of Fujifilm X-Mount Lenses

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Complete Fuji X Mount Lens List

To make our live easier I’ve compiled a Fuji lens list of all the available lenses for the Fuji X-mount system on a single page along with the best UV filters to use with them. I’ll keep this Fuji lens guide updated and post any Fuji lens rumors I find as well.

Sony FE Lenses – The Ultimate List

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Sony FE E Mount Native Lens List

Over the last year Sony has really worked hard on updating its E mount lens lineup. It’s something that they seem to take very serious and if you’re an owner of a Sony A7, A7r, or A7s you are very fortunate.

Since there seems to be a new lens every few months, I’ve decided to keep a consolidated list of all available native full frame E mount lenses.

I was about to update my metabones adapter to the MK IV but now, I think that money would be better spent on new glass.

See the list. There are surprisingly a lot of lenses now.