Nara Japan And The Toji Temple

It took me awhile to process all the photos from Nara Japan. I shot more landscape stuff despite it being the middle of the day. Everything here is also shot on the Sony A7r. 

Usually sunsets or sunrises is when most photographers like to shoot landscapes, but it's not always necessary. Just a lot more of a challenge to post processes when trying to get the colors and saturation correct compared to sunset when the sky can change the scene to the most wild colors.

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Nara Japan And The Todai-Ji Temple

Nara is a little outside of Kyoto. It's sort of this ancient Buddhist sanctuary where deer roam freely fearless of people. It's an amazing place to shoot some iconic photography of Japan.

Nara also houses the Todai-ji temple which is the world's largest wooden building. The Buddhist Hall Diabutsu also holds the world's largest bronze statue of Buddha Vairocana. It really is quite the site. 

Photo of Todai-ji the great Buddha hall during the sakura bloom.

Photography Of Todai-Ji Temple of Nara Japan

Deer Walking Freely Among The Sakura

I grabbed this shot as a deer was feeding under a Sakura on my way to the Todai-ji temple.

I gave it more of an HDR feel since the colors of the scene weren't great to begin with. I've noticed tonemapping images in Photomatix or by hand tend to help the colors pop a little more. In this photo I used Photoshop's 'Shadows/Highlights' tool. As well as Color Efex Pro's 'Low Key' filter.

Deer Amoung The Cherry Blossoms or Sakura

Shopping In Nara

Nara also has a little shopping district. It seems every city in Japan has this same style shopping arcade. From my experience the one in Kyoto is probably the best but the most crowded. Fukuoka's has an Owl Cafe which is pretty cool, and Osaka's is a little more old fashion. 

This photo is a good old fashion three shot HDR. Processed with my Free Photomatix Presets.

If you don't shoot HDR Photography and are looking to get started, start with Photomatix, and use these presets. You'll love them.

HDR Photo of the Nara Shopping Arcade

Sunset In The Arcade

This is a shot from inside the arcade look out into the setting sun. The Sony A7r's favorite conditions.

With this cameras crazy dynamic range and low light capabilities, I'm learning you can really do what ever you want in any condition. And Sony did not pay me to say that. Although I wish they would. 🙂

If you haven't already, you can see my living breathing Sony A7r review here.

Nara Shopping Arcade At Sunset

The To-Ji Temple Of Kyoto

This is the most beautiful places I've ever been. It'd hard to capture it in a photograph but I'll certainly be posting more shots soon.

At night they light up the cherry blossoms set around the largest wooden tower in Japan, and as far as I know is the largest five story Pagoda in the world. 

My apartment was about a three minute walk from here.

Night Photography Of The To-Ji Temple Of Japan

Tomorrows Photos will have a lot more Kyoto photography. The girls I was with rented Kimonos.

It's been a lot of work to get through all these shots but the few free days I have this week should let me get caught up. Then it's off to Okinawa.


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