Traveling Japan – Arashiyama, Kyoto

Last time I went to Kyoto I was there a day and then got sick and never got to go see all the cool stuff that I'm getting to see this time around. 

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

Near one of the temples was a bamboo forest. Not the signature one you've probably seen (which I'll show later in this post). But I really like how the light was hitting this smaller forest. Made for a great landscape photo.

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

Ju-San Mairi Girl

It's a traditional practice for 13 year olds Japanese kids to make a temple visit to "worship for knowledge" and "receive knowledge." They often dress in traditional Japanese dress. Girls are given the Kimono cut in the adult way.

The practice seems to work because little Japanese kids are always smart.

I often times don't ask when taking pictures. But when it's children with their parents I make sure it's ok first, out of respect for the kids and families. I wouldn't want some creepy gaijin taking pictures of my kids.

Edit: Ok just got in trouble. My wife asked. 🙂

Ju-San Mairi Girl

The Japanese Ricksaw

See these dudes always running around Kyoto. Definitely adds to the ambience. They always have super buff legs too.

I can barely get around carrying my camera with a couple of lenses without my feet hurting. I don't know how they do this all day every day.

Japanese Ricksaw

The Resting Rickshaw

Saw this just sitting near a temple, nobody was around and the light was perfect.


Resting Ricksaw

Kyoto Cherry Blossoms

The weather was pretty bad in Kyoto my first day here. Very windy, very cold, and raining on and off. It makes quick work of the cherry blossoms and it's not easy to find them in perfect condition anymore. But not impossible either. 

Kyoto Cherry Blossoms

The Kyoto Bamboo Forest

This is the bamboo forest you're probably use to seeing in Kyoto. It's pretty cool. The walk through it is only like 150-200 yards and the bamboo is massive. I think it's the fastest growing land plant? 

It's been really busy this week, likely because of the cherry blossom season so it's been really hard to get great shots without people in them. Shot's like this are great because you can just pan up and just crop them out and it doesn't hurt the shot.

Kyoto Bamboo Forest

That's all I have time for today. I have a lot more cherry blossom photography I need to get through as well as a bit more Japan street photography.


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