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Fixing dead or stuck pixels on your DSLR

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Something every photographer should know but might not be aware of are dead or stuck pixels on your DSLR sensor.

It’s something that is very common with DSLRs and often goes unnoticed. The reason is, apps like Lightroom4 and Aperture automatically remove them.  I only noticed it on my camera because I shoot a lot of video. None the less, you don't want them on your raws. 
So here is what they are and here is how you get rid of or fix them.

Xunnlingus – Male Enhancement Parody

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Here's our latest product from DdayHollywood. Xunnlingus It's the prescription male enhancement that lowers the natural masculine impulses in your DNA and chemically raises hormones responsible for supplication and submission.

Spring photography

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It's officially spring again. Last year at this time I was in Japan. Yep, I was there during the disaster. It was a horrible and sad thing, the country was in chaos.  But at least happened at a time when the countries tree's were in full bloom.  

I'm lucky I was able to be there to witness at least this one good thing that was happening. It's plum blossom orchard's.  Japan is known for it's cherry blossoms but it also has many plum blossoms. When I was there the cherry blossoms weren't in full bloom yet so I didn't have many photos of them. 

I shot these with my 5Dmkii and my walk around lens the 24-70f2.8L. Really one of the best lens camera combo's out at the time. And I think I got a few amazing photos even though it was raining, and this is another example why I use top of the line weather sealed camera equipment.  I also had an attached polarize which I didn't really need. I just had it already on the lens and didn't bring my case for it by accident. 

(click here for more photos)

Yosemite Bridal Falls

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Cool shot of the top of the Bridal Falls at Yosemite. The light and water were doing something kind of cool in this one shot that wasn't in any of

Yosemite Half Dome

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Took this photograph of Half Dome in Yosemite this weekend. I'll have more later throughout the month as I process them. Weather was on and off this time, acting like

San Francisco Street Photography

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Photographically San Francisco is kind of boring to me since it's one of the more photographed cities in this country.  I decided to take a more classic approach and do something with a sort of 60's feel but with a modern culture.

I used my canon 70-200f2.8L IS II and some black and white adjustments in Lightroom 4, I was able to get sort of a classic style photo.

-Alik Griffin

10+ Great Color Correction Tutorials for your DSLR footage

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10+ Great Color Correction Tutorials for your DSLR footage

A great list of several color correction tutorials for you to use with After Effects, or Color.


Halo Rig vs Fig Rig

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Halo Rig vs Fig Rig – Two Amazing Handheld Rigs   With so many handheld rigs on the market, I wanted to take some time to share with you some

Dday’s latest John Carpenter-esk short: Jack Plissken – Little Escape from Big China

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Jack Plissken – Little Escape from Big China. Jack Plissken makes his last mistake in this John Carpenter tribute when he brings a child’s toy to a mans fight.   

The Ultimate Football Fans (Comedy)

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The Ultimate Football Fans (Comedy) One of our latest at DDay Hollywood.  Short comedy about two Ultimate Football Fans who piss off a friend with their outlandish knowledge of the