Beneath the Venice Beach Pier

There is a certain style of photography that I’ve always been attracted to. Not like sexually or anything, well maybe. A little. . . Just Kidding. Anyway, it’s known as Long Exposure Photography and it creates this effect where the water and clouds all look really smooth and milky. See, now you know why I’m attracted to it.

To do this style of photography I’ve learned you really just need to get a massive ND filter. Just raging! And only ND filter powerful enough to do this that I knew of (and was of good quality) was the Lee Big Stopper. But this filter is always on back order. Always! And if you’re anything like me, I can only buy camera gear on impulse. So I wasn’t going to wait around no 6 months while I wait for the mail man to come by with that raging Big Stopper. So instead of waiting and spending an additional $150 dollars on mounts I decided to impulsively order the Light Craft Workshop ND500 MC+H.R.C 82mm. It’s not 10 stops like the Lee ND but 9 is good enough for now. Actually one more stop would have been nice since I end up at around a 30 second exposure and an f19-f22 in mid day sun. I’d prefer to be at an f16 or lower but at least with this ND filter I can still see through my viewfinder to frame the shot. Barely, but it can be done. And if I want to go darker I could always screw on another ND.

Since I just got this Light Craft Workshop ND filter I’m going to test it out a bit more and then write up a better review. A real review. But so far it seems to be a great alternative to the Lee Big Stopper and I’m actually glad I bought this instead. Screw on filters are just more convenient and it only costs $100 bucks.

Here is my first photo from my first attempts using this thing.

Today’s Long Exposure Photo

This was taken with a 30 second shutter at an f19 and an ISO of 100. This is the Venice Beach Pier in Los Angeles California.

Beneath The Venice Pier


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