Bridge to the Westfield Century City Mall

I live only a few miles from Century city, maybe two but yet I've never been there to take photos. I've been to China, Indonesia, Japan three times, the Grand Canyon twice but I haven't been to this cool little place that's only two miles from my house. Kind of funny how that works. Century city is pretty cool, a quiet little spot in Los Angeles but this city also holds the infamous Die Hard building. Remember that building from the first Die Hard? Yep I drive right buy it every day from work and I can see it almost from my house. I've been meaning to get some photos of it one day. But for tonight, I went down to the mall wondered around for a bit to find a cool spot until stumbling upon this bridge. My main goal was actually to test out my new 9 stop ND filter but it got two be too dark before I found a good spot. I'll probably take it to the beach next weekend and see what it can produce. 

Today's HDR Photo

Bridge to the Westfield Century City MallThe bridge over Avenue of the Stars is a pretty cool little spot in westwood. Just behind me is the Westfield Century City mall. I was walking around this area for a bit and couldn't really seem to find any great spots to take photos in. The area is cool but just no good vantage points. Until I found this spot at night. The way way everything is lit up at night makes for some great HDR photos.See my photoblog at