Looking Back At 2014

Looking up at the Kyoto Bamboo Forest from Spring 2014 Japan.

2014 was a great year in the world of photography. We got a lot of new amazing cameras like the Nikon D810, Sony A7s, the A7ii and the Canon 7Dmkii. Not to mention the Fuji X-T1 and X100t. I’ve had a so much fun with the Sony A7r, and found a new love addition with the Fuji X100t.

But it wasn’t just great for photography; it was also one of the better years for my portfolio and personal growth. It’s always a great feeling expanding your knowledge and I think photography is one of those crafts where you can learn indefinitely. 

What’s Next? – My Photography Goals For 2015

It’s already looking like 2015 will be interesting. I’m already planning a very busy year.

This year I’ll be shooting more studio and street work and am going to try to get another Japan and Europe trip in there. But we’ll see. Things could get complicated.

As far as cameras go, I’ll likely invest into a Fuji interchangeable system, likely the X-Pro2 if it comes out. That rumored large megapixel Canon 5DmkIV has recaptured my attention for a landscape photography camera. But we’ll have to wait and see. Rumors are rumors and specs are specs. If Canon gears that camera for sports shooter like they’ve been doing everything else, then likely I will overlook it and stick with Sony or tango with Nikon.

Fine Art Landscape Prints

Besides ordering a bunch of PCB Einsteins, softboxes and seamless backdrops, my goal is to shoot even more local landscape photography. I have a mile long list of great places around town in Los Angeles that I still need to shoot. I’ll get on a roll knocking some of them out then it comes screaming to a halt when I pick up some freelance work.

It also seems my local fine art work sells the best. Every print I’ve ever sold has been something from California. And 99% of them are beach photography. I think part of that is that they are my best prints because I often times go back to the same locations several times a year until something special happens.

I’m also working on something interesting for a buyer right now and it’s something I might start doing regularly. It’s a massive Acrylic print on Fujiflex paper. The recipe goes like this – Fujiflex Crystal Archive paper face mounted to acrylic then mounted to a dibond base. Add some wood or aluminum liners and it’s ready to hang. They turn out absolutely amazing and I think it will be something I start doing more regularly now for my limited edition prints.

The AlikGriffin.com Blog

I’ve always blogged for fun. Never really knowing what I was doing, but I’ve always had something I poked around on. Lately this blog, my personal blog, which I started back in 2012 I think, has recently started blowing up with traffic. I will hopefully soon be able to do it fulltime, but we’ll have to see. Fingers crossed.

Thank you for supporting me and this site! Happy New Year!

I get several emails and comments a day with people needing help with stuff or with general questions. So don’t be shy.

A Collection of Some of My Best Travel Photography From 2014

Sun setting at the rice field terrace of Saga Japan.
One of those breath taking sites in Kyoto Japan. I love this place.
The Santa Monica Pier during a colorful southern California sunset. As the moon was giving its last light before setting behind the mountains, I was able to fire off one last shot of a silhouetted Joshua Tree before the night when completely dark.SpecsCamera Sony A7rISO: 800Aperture: F2.8Shutter: 30/1
Fine Art Landscape Photo taken at the Scripps Pier - La Jolla California.
Ocean of Oahu Hawaii. Malibu Landscape Photography.
Hawaiin sunset at Waimea Bay.
Lower Antelope Canyon



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