Mono Lake Pinnacles – X-Pro2

Mono Lake Pinnacles

X-Pro 2 / 16mm f1.4 – ISO 200, f8, 1/7s

I drove up to Mono Lake and Mammoth to test out some Fujifilm lenses and was fortunate enough to have an amazing sunset at Mono Lake despite the rains earlier that day.

I was actually planning to shoot at Mono Lake for two nights, but the sunset and weather was so good the first night, that I didn’t really need any more shots. It was probably the best situation in terms of weather and location I’ve ever been in.


Behind The Shot

For this shot I was using the X-Pro2 and the 16mm f1.4 lens. It was a single exposure and the camera was set to RAW / Compressed. I haven’t been shooting uncompressed because I haven’t been able to see enough of a difference to justify the huge file sizes. 

For the processing I switched the color profile to Velvia in Lightroom, did a few adjustments then finished it up with Photoshop.


Shooting with the Fujifilm 16mm f1.4

For doing landscape work or even just as a travel camera this lens / camera combo is probably my favorite right now. At least I’ve been finding myself leaning towards using the 16mm over any other lens. The other option is the 14mm, which I’ve also found to perform very well, but is a little bit too wide and a little bit too slow to shoot family life. Both lenses are extremely sharp except the 14mm seems like it has a bit more vignetting.

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