Must Have Accessories Canon G1X III

Best Accessories Canon G1X III

A list of some of the best accessories and gear you can buy for the Canon G1X III. 


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Canon G1X III Must Have Accessories


Best Screen Protector For The Canon G1X III

Canon G1X III Screen Protector

My go-to screen protector for all my cameras has always been ExpertShield. I’ve used a few other brands like ITG which is sometimes cheaper and are good too, but I’ve personally used the lifetime warranty with the ExperShield and they are very friendly and easy to deal with so I stick with their products.


Best Canon G1X III Batteries


Canon Battery Pack NB-13L

Best Battery Canon G1X IIIThe Official Canon batteries are always great to have since you usually get the best life out of them compared to the after market brands. Sometimes, I’ll stick with one battery that comes with the camera and then buy one or two extra after market batteries as backup. – Amazon


Wasabi Battery Pack + Charger NB-13L

Best Battery Canon G1X IIIWasabi has been around for a long time and they make the best after market battery. They even use Japanese power cells which are very reliable with very good ratings. I always go with Wasabi for my backup batteries. – Amazon



Best Memory Cards

The Canon G1X III has really good memory card performance. You can find which memory cards are the fastest and the best for the G1X III in this speed comparison.

Best Memory Cards For Canon G1X III


Canon G1X III Lens Accessories & UV Filters

I recommend always using a UV filter on a fixed lens camera, and the G1X III does not make this easy as you have to use a UV filter adapter. Currently there are not any available for the G1X III. I’ll update as they come online.


Canon G1X III Cases


Gariz Leather Half Case

I’ve owned several Gariz Leather cases for my various cameras and they are nice. They keep the base of the camera protected when using a tripod or setting the camera on hard surfaces. They also add some extra grip that helps with ergonomics. – Amazon



Canon G1X III Camera Straps & Bags

There are a million camera straps you can buy on Amazon now, but there are only a few worth looking at. I personally use leather straps by HardGraft, Luigi’s Straps and some homemade stuff which I’ll also list, but for some nice Amazon straps check out these brands.


Peak Design Camera Straps

Canon G1X III StrapsPeak design straps are nice because they have a quick release mechanism so you can take the strap off really quick if you decide to shoot on a tripod or switch over to a wrist strap.



CSLR Camera Straps

Canon G1X III StrapsThere Air strap is nice, you can configure it for use with a C-Loop mini or use it with your eyelets.




Best Leather Straps

If you want an expensive leather strap that will last you the rest of your life check out

Tap&Dye | HardGraft | Luigicases



Cleaning Supplies


Cleaning Cloths

(6 Pack) MagicFiber® Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths

It’s always important to have a few micro fiber cleaning cloths to clean the lens and UV filter without having to risk scratching them. Sure you can use your T-Shirt, but I still like to use a fresh MicoFiber cloth to give my camera a good cleaning every so often.

 – Amazon


Rocket Air Small

Rocket Air BlasterRocket Airs are great for cleaning off your sensor, but since you can’t get at the G1X III’s sensor, they still work great at cleaning lenses or UV filters. I own several of these and just keep them everywhere because I’m always needing them. I have a few different sizes and have found the small Rocket Air does get the job done. – Amazon



Cool Software

If you’re looking for some cool software besides the obvious Lightroom / Photoshop combo. Check out Aurora HDR and Luminar.

Aurora HDR Review

Luminar Review


Best Accessories For The Canon G1X III Conclusions

The Canon G1X III is a great little DLSR substitute for traveling or just putting around town, but it’s also a fantastic little APS-C camera in its own right. Throw some nice accessories on this camera, like a screen protector and leather half case and it will last for years.