Must Have Accessories For The Sony WX500 & HX90V

Two of the most interesting compact camera to hit the market in the last year are the Sony DSCWX500 and the Sony DSCHX90V. They’re both absolutely fantastic little camera and great third party accessories have finally become available for this Sony body style.

I’ll start by listing some of the accessories you should really consider picking up as well as some stuff that’s just more fun.


Sony DSC WX500 & HX90V Accessories And Gear


The Sony DSC WX500 has a very similar design to the Sony HX90V, so a lot of the cases or accessories that work for that camera, will also work for the WX500.

You’ll likely want to start off with a screen protector, an extra battery and possibly a case or strap.


Sony WX500 &HX90V Screen Protectors

Sony screen for some reason are some of the more fragile screens I’ve come across. It’s a good idea to grab a screen protector if you don’t mind spending a few bucks. Installing it is pretty easy, just go to a dust free environment. I typically like to get some steam going in the bathroom which will elminate a lot of floating dust particles. But make sure the steam clears a little before applying your screen protector.

Savvies Crystal Clear Screen Protector – (Amazon)

JJC Low Reflection Anti-Smudge Screen Protector – (Amazon)


Sony WX500 & HX90V Batteries

If you need some extra batteries for your WX500  & HX90V you have two choices, Sony batteries or third party. Third party batteries are a lot cheaper and usually just as good from my experience. What you have to be careful of is the third party chargers and wall adapters. Those sometimes can give bad charges, so always charge your batteries in camera or with a Sony charger if you can.

Sony High Capacity NPBX1 Battery – (Amazon)

Wasabi Power NPBX1 Battery – (Amazon)


Sony WX500 & HX90V SD Memory Cards

There are a ton of options when it comes to memory cards. Almost any new card will work for stills but I recommend you always buy the latest in technology so the card will last you a few years. Right now you should buy an SDXC U3 memory card if you’re shooting on Sony cameras. This is because many of their features require these specs. For example, if you want to shoot video with XAVC S, you need a card that’s 64GB or bigger.

As far as speed goes, some cards write faster than others but you’ll never really notice the difference in camera and you don’t necessarily need to buy the more expensive Sandisk Cards. 


Fast But The Most Expensive

Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB SDXC U3 – (Amazon) – One of the best cards you can buy.


Best Bang For The Buck

PNY 64GB SDXC U3 – (Amazon)

Sony 64GB SDXC U3 – (Amazon)

Transcend 64GB SDXC U3 – (Amazon)


Carrying Cases

A lot of these smaller compact cameras can use similar carrying cases. The WX500 can use the same case as the HX90v and I’ll list what I’ve found at Adorama and Amazon.

Adorama use to have more colors but they are all available on Amazon now. 

This also works as a half case and comes with a strap. It’s a pretty great deal.

Sony LCJ-HWA Jacket Black – (Adorama) (Amazon)


Compact Straps

There are so many options for straps and they’re all pretty good. I’ve listed a few, but if you need your hot pink rainbow unicorn strap, by all means, get it!

Canon Metal Neck Strap 34″ – (Amazon)

Olympus Adjustable Wrist Strap – (Amazon)

Cosmos 5pc Wrist Strap – (Amazon)


Cleaning Gear

You don’t really need a whole lot of equipment to clean your compact camera. I usually just buy a pack of microfiber cloths and this gets the job done for almost anything to wiping the body down to cleaning the lens.

6-Pack Microfiber Cleaning Cloths – (Amazon)


Sony WX500 &HX90V Accessories Conclusion

You don’t really need a lot of accessories for you compact camera. It comes with everything you need, but if you’re shooting a lot, protect your gear with screen protectors and cases and get an extra battery and maybe SD memory card and your camera should last you years. 


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