My Lovely Wife In Her Kimono

Well, it's not actually her Kimono. These things can run into the tens of thousands of dollars (for the good ones). The occasion was for her brothers wedding, so all the girls decided to get Kimonos and do it more traditional.

The wedding was a lot of fun even though I usually have no idea what anyone is saying. My Japanese is getting better but it's nearly impossible to learn when I work as much as I do. Even doing these blog posts can be challenging. But I do have some exciting news. I now have completed two Lightroom Preset collections that I'll be selling very soon on this site. One is my 'Everyday Collection' that I use for my landscapes and HDR photography, the other is my 'Retro Collection' which gives more of that fun iPhone Photography look that's flooding Facebook and twitter. For this photo I actually used one of the Retro Collection presets that was then modified. I find presets really help me get my looks and color correction started. It's nice being able to quickly go through and get some color inspiration rather than building all the looks by hand each time. I should have them available this week and hopefully some tutorials next week like I keep promising.

Today's Photo

Yumiko in her Kimono This photo is of my Wife in a Kimono while we were at her brothers wedding in Japan.


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